1. The Cities That Spend The Most On Bike Lanes Later Reap The Most Reward - Investing in a network of fully separated bike lanes could save cities huge sums in the long-term. But too little investment in wimpy infrastructure could actually decrease enthusiasm for cycling. Via FastCoexist


  2. The End of Neighbors - How our increasingly closed-off lives are poisoning our politics and endangering our health. Via Macleans


  3. Rethinking Zoning. Via City Lab


  4. Turd Theory works on the idea that in a scary world of disorder and chaos people are programmed to seek out repetition and order. So even the worst cover in the world, repeated 20 times in different colours of the rainbow will get you an award or two.
    — Via Jamie Keenan

  5. Building The Dream via The Economist


  6. The Great Massimo Vignelli, 1931-2014. Via The New York Times



  8. Yo ATLiens! Support the beltline. Via The Atlantic Cities 


  9. Dan Kiley via The Atlantic Cities


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